Life of a Yogi

We are looking at the life of the yogi. What is yoga?

Yoga means to live with your parents, and to be carefree, to be looked after very well.
Yoga means life with the perfect parent. Here are the perfect mother and father, that allow the mind to be carefree. The life of the yogi is a life in the best home. The highest way of living. It is called satopradhan living. Satvic means clean, pure, untouched, unmixed, uninfluenced. Pradhan means at its highest, the peak.

The life of the yogi is a life at its best.
The soul is the yogi, that lives at home, with the mother and the father.
The home of the yogi is a reality that is 100% secure through the realisation of the soul’s original qualities. The yogi is the soul that lives in its original nature. Based on the spiritual knowledge, the yogi creates thoughts from an identity that is not physical. There is a sense that the Real I is not mortal, is benevolent, is peaceful. The vision is on my own goodness, on the fact that I am Ok, even whilst I am in bits and pieces, I am Ok. The vision is oriented inwards, the interests are to sustain my original qualities, the personality is peaceful and is willing to share this peace with others.

The home of the yogi is not physical, it is subtle, and it is secluded, separated from the old world of negativity, dependencies and sorrow. The old world is also subtle, and we show it as a world of desires, ego and pain. Some of these old habits, of greed, attachment, defamation, have been affecting the quality of our living for a long time, and they have affected the well-being of the body, mind and spirit to a large extent, for the humankind.

Yoga is truth. Truth is eternal, is fearless and it is always victorious.
Yoga, the truth, removes the passion about the decayed bits and pieces of our lives. We no longer want to talk about what happened yesterday, we do not feel like complaining or criticising others, we do not show off our weakness or beg for some pity. Respect is regained and we become disinterested in old behaviours, such as anger, greed, eating, sleeping, gossiping. This allows the body to rest. We become bodiless.

Bodiless means use the body less from the old consciousness. “I am a body” is the thought that tires us the most. Yoga means “I am a soul, using this body”. This body is a costume. In this detachment from the costume, the body starts to heal, to energise, to regain its original strength. Use it less for temporary pleasure, and use it in a righteous way, at the appropriate time.
There are three stages of yoga. The yogi that lives at home with the Supreme Parent, will witness a transformation process.
The yogi becomes a flower. The flower is quiet, it patient. The yogi has the patience to grow and to remain silent and confident whilst this is happening. The flower is beautiful, and it does not have any awareness of its beauty. It does not think “i am pretty, i make the world pretty”. The flower is humble without knowing it. It is completely egoless. It cannot demand anything, it cannot claim anything. Has not expectations, does not receive any “Thank you” letters. The flower does not do anything. It is growing so contently, without the desire to change this or that, or to become something else.
So the yogi is now the embodiment of patience, humility and simplicity. A flower brings beauty to the world, it is stable in its form, it is confident. The yogi is now beautiful through his humility, dedication, surrendering to the plan of the Gardner.
Yoga means full trust in the plan of the garden. The garden is overseen by Capability Brown Almighty – there is full trust that everything is looked after. Each flower has its own role, its own place, and the design of the entire garden is well thought of.

The mind of the yogi becomes beautiful. A clean, pure, simple mind that is not afraid of being watched because it knows it is honestly working towards perfection. This mind is counting the petals of the rose, the dew drops that are forming every morning, it watches the eagle in the sky and it gives shelter to the bees. The mind is busy with the beauty, the truth, the own inner life. It is introverted and minds its own business, knowing that in order to help the world, it has to become beautiful first. This is yoga – making the mind beautiful, by minding our own business.
Is there anything more than that? The yogi will eventually reach out to the world.

Yoga means becoming a king and seeing others as kings. The yogi will reach out like the wind does, to the remote corners of the world, in an subtle, gentle way and whisper to others: “It is the time to change”. “Breath in, breath out, create a pause, cool down, and see things from a new perspective”. Just change your vision, shift your eyes from looking to the past, to look into the future.
The wind is accompanied by the sunshine, the rays of light. These rays of light can reach anywhere, and they can bring warmth and comfort where the wind would blow too strong. Both are required, the wind and the sun light. The sun rays can get into the darkest corners of the human mind, bringing peace, restoring hope, calmness and trust. They can dispel the darkness of ignorance, and lit the lamp of the soul. The yogi now becomes a donor.
Yoga is a silent donation, donation of life. The yogi that is alive, that lives at home, with the highest quality of life, can easily donate to others their experience. They share what they have experienced. It is the donation of a king, not of a merchant. The king does not think – “how much profit will I get from this visit, who else knows this charity association?” The merchant will aim for a good deal: “how many new students, how many followers, how many views online, how many shows on television”. If that thought appears in our mind, it means that our yoga is not accurate. Because to be accurate means to be silent.
Eventually, the yogi will witness his life in complete silence.

Silence means to wait and see. It is like being at cross roads, and you stop to look to the left, loot to the right and then cross the street. In the lack of silence, you jump into the cross roads, in big traffic, hoping that the cars will not run over you. Silence does not mean that you stop at the crossroad, terrified of the traffic, and wait there forever for someone to take you across. Silence means that you have the company of the Supreme Soul, and therefore, you are guided to get across safely. Silence means that you look to the left, you look to the right, and whilst you are crossing a busy, large road, you keep on watching. You know that safety comes from being cautious and alert. Silence means to wait and see what will happen in the next moment and engage with the world whilst being in the eternal home, as a humble donor. Silence means “There is nothing in the old world that can attract me”. You keep the eyes on the Supreme Companion, and you walk hand in hand, silently, to the destination.

Om Shanti

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